Earn 150% of your deposit!

with the honest project on audited TRX smart contract


An easy way to get income equal to 150% of the deposited amount. Invest from your TRON wallet and receive payments instantly when requested!

Basically, you will receive 3% daily (0.125% hourly) until you received 150% of the invested amount. You can increase your income by 0.15% for each 24 hours when you do not request a withdrawal.

And you will also receive 0.15% for every million TRX on the balance of the smart contract.

Watch Audit Conclusion Invest Now

  • We are accepting only TRX
  • Minimum deposit amount is 100 TRX
  • Maximum income: 150% for each deposit
  • Deposit included in payments
  • Earning in real-time!
  • Withdraw when you need, instantly!
  • Scam is impossible (read Audit Conclusion)


How to earn

Install TRON wallet

You can use TronLink or TronMask browser extensions (for Chrome or Opera browsers), Banko or TronWallet mobile apps for your smartphone.

Video #1: How to install TronLink

Invest amount

Minimum amount to invest is 100 TRX. You may get it on popular exchanges or buy here. When you got TRX - just send it to our smart contract address to start earning.

Video #2: How to deposit in project

Withdraw profit

Minimum amount to withdraw is 1 TRX. You may withdraw it instantly any time. Not forget to have some TRX on your wallet to pay TRON network fees for transaction.

Video #3: How to withdraw profit

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